Wybuchowe Prace.

Masa +mikstura + geometria = precyzja.



// Place explosives to clear a passage to the dungeon.

// The mines should form a rectangle with this perimeter.
var perimeter = 160;
var area = 0;
// The bottom left corner of the rectangle.
var bottomLeft = {x: hero.pos.x, y: hero.pos.y};

// One mine is placed already.
var topLeft = hero.findHazards()[0].pos;
// So we can find the height of the rectangle.
var height = hero.distanceTo(topLeft);
// Find the width. Use the perimeter and height to calculate it.
var width = (perimeter  - 2* height)/2;

// First, we need to place a mine in the bottom left corner.
hero.buildXY("fire-trap", bottomLeft.x, bottomLeft.y);
// Put a mine in the bottom right corner.
hero.buildXY("fire-trap", bottomLeft.x+width, bottomLeft.y);
// Put a mine in the top right corner.
hero.buildXY("fire-trap", bottomLeft.x+width, topLeft.y);

// Now go to the demolitionist.
hero.moveXY(74, 32);
// Calculate the area of the rectangle to know the charge.
area = width * height;
// Say the area of the rectangle to start the explosion.
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