Double Agent

How to use silence to say something important.


// Find the hidden number in the agent's message to escape.
// Count the number of trailing and leading whitespaces.

// This function returns the coordinates of the n-th passage.
function passagePosByNum(n) {
    return {x: 60, y: n * 12 + 8};

function onHear(event) {
    // The original message.
    var sMess = event.message;
    // Trim the message:
    var sMessTrim = sMess.trim();
    // The hidden number is the difference of lengths:
    var nHiddenNumber = sMess.length - sMessTrim.length;
    // Use passagePosByNum to find the passage to enter:
    var oPassage = passagePosByNum(nHiddenNumber);
    // Move the pet to the entrance of the passage:
    pet.moveXY(oPassage.x, oPassage.y );
    // Move the pet to the left edge of the map:
    pet.moveXY(2, oPassage.y );

pet.on("hear", onHear);

// The hero should follow the pet.
while(true) {
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